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Web Games in Bitsy Game Maker

May 13, 2023

Play Games From This Jam on Itch

Make a game in 2 hours!

Each month, we will make short games using simple to use game engines.

This is great for beginners who want to make AND FINISH their first game!

This is also great for experts who want to flex their skills and meet new people.

The second month, we will be making Web Games with Bitsy Game Maker based on a random suggestion we will get from Wikipedia.

[Bitsy] is a web application that allows users to easily make low resolution, simple, adventure games.

1:00 PM Doors

1:30 PM Workshop hosted by Blake Andrews

2:00 PM Game Jam Starts!

4:00 PM Jam Ends, Presentations Start!

5:00 PM The arcade opens for regular use.

This event will be streamed online, so people across the world can participate.

Snacks will be available and Liquid Death drinks will be provided by Liquid Death.