May 28, 2023

Curated by Yasmine Batniji

Convergence: an exhibition that features multiplayer games and conceptual games that connect us as players.

Bam Boom Blade

By Blaer Zhang

Bend your bamboo and wave your blade using only 2 joysticks! Discover the Chinese WuXia aesthetics of bamboo grove in this 2D physics joust game.


By Cookie Crayon

Make your way to the summit. Will you go it alone, or with a friend?

Rocket League 2D Fan Game

By Gurpreet Singh Matharoo

Fan game version of Rocket Leauge

Space Orbs

By Space Moguls

The goal is to reduce the threat of critical mass from the buildup of alien space orbs. A level is complete when the side bars are at the bottom. If the side bars fill up the game is over.

Tempo Quest

By Pixel-boy

Everything was going as it’s supposed to be in Tempo-City when, coming from nowhere, an army of monster appeared. Nobody could explain what happened ! Not even the city’s wizard, who couldn’t do anything to stop the creatures. He needs time to study them, he needs samples from them. But he can’t do that all by himself ! So he called the best musicians et Dancing Stage champions (those famous japanese arcade games where you dance on arrowed platforms) to help him in this quest !