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Games Where You Walk Around And Talk To People

March 23, 2022

Curated by Fran Rojo


jasmine hard to say why by Gurn Group: An extraordinary adventure in a strange world....

Magic Wand by thecatamites: The years neglect this fertile country but the trees and doors still standing somewhere form a silent windless day.

Variations on Coda to Yellow Sky (Im/Perfect Dawn: Repeat) by Common Opera: A contemplative micro-RPG about how one lives in their final moments, when the approach of death is all but certain.

out of bounds by Annie Zhang: sometimes volleyball can take you places

flaming/million by Nilson Carroll: Use the queer power of glitches to rid our campus of the masculine curse in this short RPG.

Brock Wants To Fight by Nilson Carrol: Yo champ in the making! Brock believed in rock hard defense and rock hard determination until he met one weird trainer named nilson. Now he can only think about rock hard abs! Think you can best him?

text me when you get home by Josie Brechner: A loving breakup.

EVERY GROCERY STORE HAS ONE PRODUCT THAT BINDS EVERYTHING IN A UNIFIED ENERGY by Carl Burton: Every grocery store has one product that binds everything in a unified energy.

quiltfolk by Lee Tusman: Procedurally generated town of quilt-loving denizens.