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Memory Machines

November 24, 2021

Curated by Darwin Vickers

the year is nearly ending and we are very happy to share with you these 5 video games, which all relate to the theme of MEMORY in one way or another.

each one is made out of memories, and by playing them you will probably end up with some memories of your own.

there will also be live music to listen to, and drinks to drink. do not FORGET to come. it will be a night to REMEMBER.


MookerzZ, by Lily Zone

Betsy's Hopsital, by Lily Zone

(Accompanying text by Stephen Gillmurphy aka thecatamites)

As Metric, by Abby Yaffe

(Accompanying text by d.h. croasdill)

last november i totally fucking freaked out, by d.h. croasdill

Home R Where The Heart Is, by Blake Andrews


Live performance by Cue Bert

DJ set by Alison Madden