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Sweetbitter Creatures

June 8, 2022

Curated by d.h. croasdil, Jude Pinto, and Fran Rojo

Enjoy a night of playable toasts to Sappho. hornie games for homo's, analog and digital :)

Advanced Checkers 2 by d.h. croasdill. The sequel to the sequel to Checkers. A strategy romance roleplaying game. I hope you enjoy flirting with your friends.

Ponch: Cyberspace Investigator by Jude Pinto, Jay Guisao, and KT Mclain A 2.5D cyber noir detective game that explores the nuanced identities of lesbians of color and their resistance in a post-globalist, cyber dystopia.

hi no homo by Angela He. A co-op awkward greeting simulator.

The Raven Queen by Jude Pinto. The legend of the Raven Queen has been passed down in this village for generations: anyone who crosses her path is cursed to decay from the inside out. Val wonders why.

fruitflesh by d.h. croasdill. a videotoy made as a gift. scroll/swipe/caress & click/tap/touch.

Flirting by Josie Brechner. Two enbies flirting in mechs in the afternoon.

marmalade: a love story by orin dee. an illustrated romantic twine game about going on gay dates with your girlfriend and building cherished memories.

Dora The Lesbian Frog by Danielle Riendeau. The story of a love between a rad frog and her axylotl girlfriend